S4E1: Welcome to Season 4!

March 22nd, 2022 · 51 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

This season Chris kicks off our first episode by introducing Launch Schools new podcast format and new co-host Karis. Together they discuss the latest events happening at Launch School and some quick reminders students should be aware of. Karis also catches up with previous host Callie in a 1 on 1 interview.

Introduction - 0:00
Agenda - 4:33
Buddy System for Female Students - 5:10
Felicia's Interview with Karis - 8:58
Chelsea's Article (Lessons From First Half of Core) - 12:25
Felicia's Video About How She Prepares For Assessments - 14:55
Katarina's Article (We are Made of Stories) - 16:25
Ethan's Article (Variable Scope and Access in Ruby) - 19:08
Importance of Teaching/Explaining Concepts - 19:54
New Assessment (RB/JS 185) - 21:01
Update to JS239 (and Why Courses Get Updated) - 24:57
Peer-Led Professional Git Seminar - 28:28
Start of Interview with Callie (Her Experience After Capstone) - 31:57
Callie's Advice for Current Core/Capstone Students - 40:52
What Callie Misses About Launch School - 43:27
Callie's Advice for Hosting Launch School Podcast - 45:40
Reminders & Outro - 48:48

Show Notes
Articles and Interviews:

New and updated assessment Information:

Professional Git Seminar Post:

Daylight savings notice:

Next Womens Meetup notice:

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