S4E6: Programming Essentials Workshops Q&A and Catchup with UK Capstone Graduate Kelvin

September 28th, 2022 · 56 mins 25 secs

About this Episode

In this episode Chris and Karis conduct a Q&A session about Launch School's new Programming Essentials Workshops, what they are why new programmers would want to attend. Karis then catches up with Launch School Alumnus Kelvin, who shares his experiences as a UK Capstone student and what it's like working as a software engineer based in the UK. The episode comes to a close with some Launch School announcements and upcoming events.

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Workshop Q&A: What are Programming Essentials Workshops?
Workshop Q&A: Who are the workshops for?
Workshop Q&A: How do workshops differ from study sessions?
Workshop Q&A: What do I gain from attending a workshop?
Workshop Q&A: Would I learn anything new if I'm already going through the Prep Courses?
Workshop Q&A: Is it mandatory to attend a workshop for Launch School Students?
Workshop Q&A: Will there be a recording of these workshops available?
Workshop Q&A: More Information
Interview with UK Capstone Graduate Kelvin

Show Notes

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